Bobby Jindal is a repulsive sleazy creep

When it comes to a disgusting cast of characters the Republicans truly have a treasure trove in their corral of governors.  Of course my favorite is the Fat Slob corrupt thug governor of New Jersey but close behind ( and lots of folks can be behind him) for my utter contempt is the repulsive governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal.  Yesterday this total creep exited the White House where he just met with President Obama in what was described as a non-partisan constructive meeting and immediately started to bash the president and his economic policies.  His broadside was so offensive that other governors has to grab the mike from him and counter his inanity. He was carrying on about Obama has wrecked the economy and will wreck it even further by increasing the minimum wage. Really folks this is just beyond the pale for lying even for a politician from the great state of Louisiana. First off the economy is in fine shape having been saved from the Bush disaster by Obama.  Growth is steady and unemployment is down.  Moreover, I guess that Jindal hasn’t noticed but the stock market is at record highs which usually doesn’t happen when the economy is not in good shape.  As for the minimum wage what the hell do these Republicans have against poor people?  Bobby Jindal should not be in any position of power but apparently he thinks he is presidential material.  For my part, I think he should be part of a phone bank in India that  employs other repulsive sleazy looking creeps like him.

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