Bombs Away!!!

Well it’s happening all over again.  The USA is deeply involved in bombing targets in the Middle East and in the process killing more Muslims.  How anyone in their right minds thinks this is the way to keep Americans safe completely escapes me.  The media has built ISIS up to be much more of a threat than they are.  They have widely disseminated the images of journalists being beheaded thereby playing directly into the hands of the terrorists by publicizing these horrible killings.  The media has whipped up war hysteria in this nation and unfortunately President Obama has fallen into the trap set for him by the war mongers in both parties.  I wonder how much in dollar terms that the bombings of last night cost the American taxpayer?  For my part, I think the money spent in killing more Arabs could have been better spent in rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure of America.  How can any reasonable person think that through our aggression we will solve the religious nonsense that has been plaguing the Middle East for hundreds of years?  Perhaps we should worry more about how to safe guard the White House from intruders rather than bombing targets in Syria!!!

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