Brave and Courageous

I must admit to be sickened by the entire Bruce Jenner thing.  In better days this narcissistic psychotic would rightfully be in a mental hospital but not in these times when his "transformation" to a woman receives congratulatory tweets from the President of the United States calling his dressing up as a woman "courageous and brave".  I say dressing up as a woman because this brave former Olympian evidently still has his male plumbing and has no attention of changing that.  Be that as it may this entire affair is all about money and the ability of Jenner to make more of it in an upcoming reality series about his life. However, the use of words like brave and courageous to describe this creep really frosts me.  It use to be that these words described the men who stormed Omaha Beach on D-Day, or the firefighter who runs into a burning building to rescue people. To use these words to describe the actions of a psychotic who needs money because he is likely to be sued for causing a fatal auto accident while on a cell phone is disgusting.

I have been called "trans phobic" for not supporting or understanding Jenner.  Perhaps I am because for many years of living in the West Village in NYC I have been subjected to the bullshit of these things that are more often than not severely disturbed creatures that belong in mental hospitals not on the streets yelling and screeching at all hours of the night like wounded animals.  By and large all these poor souls come from dysfunctional family backgrounds making their situation "environmental" and not something inherent to their being. Some folks are born gay and that's why my tolerance is so strong for these individuals.  These transgender freaks are quite another story. 

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