Bridget Kelly must know plenty

In the white wash report issued by the Fat Slob’s lawyers yesterday they took special aim at Bridget Kelly accusing her of being “emotional” and basically unstable.  They laid the entire episode of the George Washington Bridge lane closures at her doorstep.  Indeed, this “report” portrayed her as the villain and the Fat Slob as a forlorn victim of an unstable woman.  Can you get any more sexist that that?  Nothing it seems will stop this sociopath Fat Slob from trying to divert blame to others when most folks agree that he knew about this scandal all along.  My theory about bashing Kelly is that she knows plenty and when she begins to talk the seeds have been planted to depict her as unstable and just an emotional women which is contrary to all accounts of her character before this whole mess surfaced.  I for one can’t wait for Ms. Kelly to start talking.  She must know plenty and I hope she spills the beans.

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