Build a Wall and Free Richard Simmons

I'm sure readers will be happy to know that besides his pledge to build a Wall on the southern border and have Mexico pay for it, Mr. Donald Trump has a new presidential priority:  Freeing Richard Simmons from the grips of his voodoo housekeeper.  Folks really??  Is this the twilight zone?  Is this an alternative reality?  I love the way Republicans rant and rave about the Constitution and the founding fathers?  Can you imagine the founders with Trump?  It would be their vision of hell.  A would be monarch and emperor. 

Trumpism is a potent force  and I'm already predicting that the upcoming Republican Convention will be a free for all.  There will be riots.  If the GOP elite tries to "steal" the nomination from their would be King the peasants will riot.  The have an army of pick up trucks and gun loaded with lots of ammo.  There is such hatred seething in these white men I could easily see bloodshed.  I'm sure the TV preps are in full bloom.  The cable stations will love it!!!  What happens at a stalemated convention is anyone's guess.  I really think Kasich is qualified to be president and he is certainly the least crazy option offered by Republicans.  He is a staunch conservative but has some moderate and pragmatic views.  He is not a racist or religious fanatic. 

Of course in today's mob political environment qualifications are not important.  Indeed, they are viewed as disqualification.  But please Mr. Trump "Free Richard Simmons".

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