Bush is Back and Ricky is Gone

I turned on the news last night and who appears – George Bush. It was not what I needed after a long day with the grandkids.  Just seeing his stupid face was enough to send me into fits of despair.  Perhaps the biggest idiot ever to occupy the Oval Office, Bush was complaining that "they" still refer to the "Bush Tax Cuts".  Really couldn't figure that one out, but then again W rarely was lucid. Thankfully, for the most part Bush has kept relatively quiet since leaving office and for that I am truly grateful because his appearance yesterday gave me the chills.

The other big political news yesterday was that Ricky Santorum ended his presidential campaign. Of course this certifiable lunatic never had a chance for the nomination but Santorum achieved what I think was his primary goal.  He solved his Google problem.  Now when you Google this creep you don't immediately get "the gay sex thing".  Takes a while in new searches since the campaign solved that problem.  On the bright side I won't have to see his ugly family polluting the TV screen.  Pundits say that Ricky will try again in 2016.  He may try but with a "heavy weight" like Chris Christie waiting in the wings he won't fare much better.  Actually, I think the real Ricky Santorum should enter a convent.  He would enjoys the life there very much. 

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