Bye Bye Benedict

Every now and then you wake up to some really good news and today was one of those times when I learned that Pope Benedict had decided to "resign" the papacy.  Of course the reason given for the resignation which is the first for a pope in 600 years is the frail health of Benedict.  Don't believe it.  For a resignation to occur two days before Lent and with Easter around the corner there is more to this than frail health. My guess is that there will be some terrible allegations concerning Benedict's role in covering up the child sex abuse charges that have plagued the Church for years and which have already implicated Benedict as part of an extensive cover-up.  Most readers of this blog are aware of my view of Benedict throughout  his reign.  He has been a reactionary ideologue that has not sought to broaden the compassion of the Church but rather to punish those who don't adhere to outdated beliefs.  So the news this morning was indeed good tidings and all I can say about Benedict's resignation is GOOD RIDDANCE.

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