Bye Bye Fat Slob

Regular readers are aware of my total contempt for the Fat Slob governor of New Jersey (aka Chris Christie).  Ever since he decided to run for president I said that in addition to being one of the most obnoxious people on the planet his quest to be president was delusional.  Still Christie parked his fat body in New Hampshire for nearly six months hoping to win that state's presidential primary.  His 15 minutes of presidential debate fame came last Saturday night when he managed to destroy Marco Rubio  by employing his best prosecutor skills. He basked in the glory of showing his New Jersey style which we in the state know all too well.  Evidently the people of New Hampshire were not impressed with his Tony Soprano impression and yesterday they gave the Fat Slob less than 8% of the vote and in the process burst his delusional bubble.  He has now returned to the Garden State which he has completely ignored while pursuing his ill advised dream. I must admit to feeling relieved that he is not a viable presidential candidate any longer.  The man in my opinion is mentally deranged and would have destroyed the country much like he has destroyed the Garden State. How sad that Morning Joe will not being kissing his fat butt any longer.  Too bad Mika.  LOL

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