Carolina Soap Opera

I must admit that I never liked John Edwards.  Indeed, it was his presence on the 2004 Democratic ticket that prevented me from voting against George Bush.  There was something about him that I thought was as phony as a three dollar bill and I didn't want him near the Oval Office. Since then my feelings about him have been justified as he has been revealed to be one the biggest sleazes in politics.  This pretty boy creep is now on trial in North Carolina over campaign finance abuses that the government contends were committed in an effort to keep his girl friend and ultimately the mother of one of his children living in a lavish life style. 

The story is replete with soap opera qualities. A wealthily aging rich women who wrote checks to a guy she fancied as another Kennedy.  A horny whacked out mistress who thought she had found a meal ticked.  A wife who sometimes looked the other way because she wanted to live in the White House. And a former butt boy who turned stoolie and is now testifying against his boss.  Really folks you can't make this stuff up. However, the bottom line is that John Edwards is a mega creep and I thank heaven he is finished with politics. In fact, I hope he goes to jail and gets a nice and friendly cell mate named Bubba.

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