Catching up

My busy personal life has lately prevented me from being more consistent on this blog, but I have been following events and offer the following comments:

The Economy – Still not good.  Unemployment is a huge detriment to full recovery.  The weak dollar means big problems for the future.  In short, we are not out of the woods.

The Stock Market:  Hugely overvalued and ripe for a big set-back.  This rally is built on a foundation of sand and when the tide comes in it will collapse very quickly.

Pink Sheet Stocks:  My infatuation with pink sheet stocks reminds me of the saying " that there is no fool like an old fool".  Only the mentally challenged would invest in pinkies, so any minute I expect the men with the nets to be at the door!

Sarah Palin:  She is increasingly proving to be even a greater moron that I had previously thought.  Though stupid, she is laughing all the way the bank.

Tiger Woods:  Never liked him so I'm not surprised, but enough is enough. 

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