Catholic Nonsense

Well it seems that the Catholic Church is very upset at the Obama Administration because of it's insistence that Catholic institutions offer contraceptive coverage in their health care plans.  Right wing nut cases are yelling about this being part of Obama's war on religion. Again the Catholic Church finds itself in the forefront of hypocrisy.  First there is no "war" on religion.  This is just a fantasy of Fox News and other idiots.  While Catholic teachings only permit  abstinence or "rhythm" for both control it's widely known that the vast majority of Catholics practice other means of birth control. Remember when the Church even opposed the use of condoms for a means of preventing the spread of AIDS?  Perhaps the Church should spend more time investigating the molestation of children rather than using bogus issues to pollute the political environment.  Of course if they want to get politically involved they should also lose their tax exempt status.  Imagine how taxing the Catholic Church would help in reducing the deficit.

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