Chicken Hawks

In listening to Mitt Romney's disgusting "victory" speech last evening the part about building up the military and calling Obama an appeaser struck me as particularly repulsive.  Here is a man who never served in the military because he got a deferment on religious grounds.  Seems he went to France to preach the Mormon cult message.  Behind him last night stood his five sons all of whom never served or will serve in the military.  Indeed, these five creeps in their white shirts looked like the Mormon nuts who bother you in shopping malls.  What nerve that these type of people stand ready to send other peoples' sons and daughters into battle.  Did Republicans ever find a war they didn't like? Another thing that gets my goat is the pandering to the Israeli lobby, with the expected Republican mantra of defending Israel at all costs. Yes, Israel where currently religious fanatics object to women walking on the same side of the street as men and where women who serve in the military are spat upon. Chicken hawks truly make me furious. No wonder Ron Paul is doing so well.

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