Congressman Sociopath

Sometimes all you have to do is look at a person and you know they are crazy.  From the first time that Congressman Michael Grimm ever caught my attention and I gave him a look over I quickly decided he didn’t play with a full deck.  I’ve commented on this jerk before and I must say once again (like in the case of the Fat Slob) I had his number long before he threatened to toss a news reporter off a balcony in the Capital. Now is seems Mr, Grimm’s congressional career is over as the Federal Government has hit him with a 20 count indictment that hopefully will land this sociopath in jail.  Seems Mr. Grimm didn’t like to pay taxes and hired illegal workers in a restaurant he owned before becoming the only Republican Congressman from NYC.  The former FBI agent and lawyer kept two sets of books and went to great lengths, including perjury, to avoid paying his fair share.  Don’t you just love these Republican cheats?  Mr. Grimm was the favorite of many Republican including his mentor former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani who is spending his time these days shilling for security services in radio and tv commercials.  My hope is that the handsome Mr. Grimm gets to share a cell with a guy named Bubba.

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