Couldn’t resist

Earlier in the day I said I would try not to post on Evergreen but I just couldn't resist. The comments below are from a poster on the Yahoo Board and really nails this mornings PR.   Well written and so true.  A perfect example of what EEE has done over the years I have owned the stock.  Doesn't matter who runs the place the MO is always the same.

That PR piece out this morning is a beautiful specimen of carefully
worded fluff.

Without a foundation in EEE's history (or some similar scam/scheme), a
reasonable command of the English language and good critical thinking
skills, I can see how the unwary can be hoodwinked by it.

I think it would be interesting and educational to have a
conversation/dialogue in this forum and pick it apart bit by bit. I'll
start with the first part of the last sentence in the second paragraph:

"We progressed with the construction of a K-Fuel plant, …"

Those are "weasel words" if I have ever read/heard them. According to
wikipedia: "Weasel words is an informal term[1] for words and phrases
that, while communicating a vague or ambiguous claim, create an
impression that something specific and meaningful has been said."

Taken at face value the above sentence sounds like Evergreen is actually
in the progress of constructing a K-Fuel plant and that they have made
progress on the construction. But we all know that isn't true. They
MIGHT have made progress in an agreement to build a K-Fuel plant (even
that is debatle IMO, which I will discuss more later) but they most
certainly aren't building one.

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