Crazy McCain

Long time readers of my blog know that I detest John McCain.  Pure and simple the man is nuts and should not be holding any office worthy of the public trust. Not surprisingly a just released survey found the Arizona crazy man the least popular Senator in the country and the disfavor even included a majority of Republicans. In my opinion those years of captivity in a North Vietnamese prison warped his mind into insanity.  There appears to be no war that this lunatic doesn’t want the United States to participate in waging.  His latest cause is Crimea where he is yelling about weak the president is and that we should be more forceful with the Russians.  Really?  Is Crimea worth going to war over?  Should American lives be put at risk in a war that would have zero  importance to our country? Indeed, even with all the recent publicity about Crimea I doubt many Americans even know where the country is on a map!!! But this doesn’t matter to McCain and his disgusting lackey Lindsay Graham who spends most of his time kissing McCain’s butt or trying to find a camera to talk to.  Whenever, I complain about Obama (which is often lately) I go back to the 2008 election and think where we would be if McCain was president.  Chances are many of us would have died in a nuclear war.  Thank providence that this lunatic was kept away from the nuclear code.

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