I have been forced to take three cruises in my life.  The first was a short trip to the Canadian provinces and it was ok but I had definite signs of being seasick when I was in the back of the ship.  I was amazed at the amount of food that was served and the eager participation of a bunch of low-life obese people in partaking of the grub whenever it was available.  The next cruise was on the Queen Mary which did a quick weekend to the Bahamas and back.  I enjoyed seeing a great ship and I made believe that I was crossing the Atlantic in days of yore.  Very romantic notwithstanding the creeps that still made it aboard a luxury ship.  My last cruise took me to Bermuda and to say the least it was the cruise from hell, coming back to NY in a hurricane that had the ship bobbing up and down like a cork on the ocean.  I was completely immobile for one day not being able to get off the bed.  Never been so sick in my life.  I vowed then never to get on another cruise ship and that feeling was reinforced this weekend with the pictures of that Italian cruise liner on the rooks off  the coast of Tuscany.  Indeed, the picture of that ship on its side should be enough to scare anyone off the "allure" of cruising.  It's dry land for me.

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