Death of a Drug Addict

I’m getting very tired of all the fuss being made over the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman.  To be sure, he was a fine actor and his death was untimely and I guess you can say tragic. Now there is a mad search to find the drug pushers who supplied Hoffman with the heroin that killed him.  Of course, I have no love for drug pushers but lets make one thing clear.  The pushers didn’t kill Hoffman.  He killed himself.  He is ultimately responsible for his death. Hoffman was the one who choose to leave his three small children without a father.  No genetic defect can make a person text a dealer, withdraw hundreds of dollars from an ATM, pick up 70 bags of heroin, and then tie a tourniquet around his arm and inject poison into his veins. Apparently Mr. Hoffman loved heroin more than his kids or any other human being. I have had personal experience in seeing how drug addiction ruins lives and relationships.  It’s a horrible thing and I hope that the people who sold Hoffman his drugs are caught. However, spare me the feeling “sorry” for Hoffman.  I feel sorry for his kids not him.

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