Debate Hype

Another presidential debate is on tap tonight and of course the hype in the media is in full swing.  Will Obama be able to bounce back from his disastrous performance in the first debate?  Will Romney be able to close the deal after lying so effectively in the first debate?  Of course I will be watching since I'm a political junkie but in my opinion this entire debate sound and fury is just a bunch of crap.  The pathological liar Mitt-Witt was deemed the winner of the first encounter because he gave a "great performance", while Obama looked totally disconnected.  I guess we are at the point in our political discourse where "performance" trumps policy.  Mitt-Witt may have lied continually but he was an effective liar so he won according to the media which in turn influenced public opinion.  Consequently the polls have tightened and now a pathological liar could win the presidency.  No matter that Mitt-Witt will likely lead us into another Middle East war since he just a tool of the neo-cons and the Israeli lobby in this country.  No matter that this mega-creep couldn't give a shit about the poor or disadvantaged among us.  He gave a "great performance"  according to the likes of Mark Halpern of Time Magazine who is one of the most disgusting and anti-Obama political pundits on the planet.  Too bad that the vast majority of the electorate doesn't take the time to actually do their own research on what the candidates really stand for and advocate.  Of course that would probably be mission impossible for Romney since his positions change from day to day.  So on with the fiasco of the "town hall" tonight and the stupidity of the after debate analysis of the media which is just looking for a great story line so they could up the advertising rates for the next debate. 

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