Democrats Deserve to Lose

The mid-term elections are less than two weeks away and all signs point to the Republicans taking control of the US Senate.  Indeed, it’s a horrifying thought that Mitch “the turtle” McConnel will now be majority leader but in my view the Democrats deserve to lose and I hope they do.  Many of the Democrat candidates for the Senate have chosen not to even acknowledge President Obama running as far away from him as they possibly can.  The creep woman who is running for Senate in Kentucky as a Democrat refuses to say if she voted for Obama in 2008 or 2012.  I really hope she loses big. To be sure, I have my issues with Obama particularly his handling of the Ebola situation but there is no denying that the economy has turned around because of his policies.  Millions of folks now have health insurance and that is no small matter yet many Democrats refuse to defend the Affordable Care Act.  Real profiles in courage this bunch and I hope many of them go down to defeat.

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