Dirty Ice

After postponing two previous dental appointments owing to the horrible weather I was determined to make it in to NYC today. So I got myself on a very early bus from Jackson which thankfully was on time since the temperature at the park and ride was near zero.  Once I got to the Port Authority I needed to buy a new metrocard for the subway and proceeded to the machines where a commuter can purchase one with a credit card. Well the evil machine took my card and gave me a receipt for the $20 I put in but didn’t produce a metrocard.  I then went to the booth where a very nasty transit lady told me she couldn’t help me because she didn’t have an “envelope”.  Asking her what t. hat meant I was screamed at and told to move along since I was holding up her line. A charming experience. Once I did get to the Village I exited the subway to a scene of frozen stiff ice that was disgustingly dirty and topped frequently with dog doo.  It seems dog owners in the city don’t like picking up after their pooches in frigid weather.  The whole scene was very depressing and when I look out the window of the apartment I can see a frozen Hudson River. Will be going home this evening because another blast of snow is coming and I’m gonna have to be available to help with the grandkids who will have another snow day.  Really folks this winter is getting very old.

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