Disgusting Defenders

Bill and Hillary Clinton are truly among the most loathsome creatures on the planet.  I have know this since the time they came on the national scene in the early 1990's. I remember a dinner conversation with my family during the 1992 election when I predicted that if elected Bill Clinton would be impeached.  Indeed, he was.  Perhaps it was his comment that while he smoked weed " I didn't inhale" that tipped me off to his inherent dishonesty.  Then of course you had Hillary saying at the time that she could of stayed home "and baked cookies" but she choose to work and now and then engage in trading cattle futures that made her tons of money over night.  Of course these two sociopaths have moved on to bigger things these days. In fact they have both apparently engaged in treasonous acts to further enhance their bulging bank accounts.  Seems Hillary while at State approved a deal backed by Slick Willie that gave Russia control of more than 20% of the American supply of uranium.  In return Bill got $500,000 for babbling about stuff in Moscow.  I could go on and on but what's the point since there are still folks out there who would vote for Hillary despite all the evidence of her corruption. However, worse yet are those disgusting people who go on TV and defend this larcenous couple.  The likes of Howard Dean and James Carville go on and on about "victim" Hillary.  It's enough to make you sick and in my case change the channel. 

In any country with a soul there should be demonstrations in the street calling for the Clintons to be prosecuted for their crimes of treason.  Instead we get paid hacks who pollute the air waves defending the indefensible.  These disgusting defenders are rotten at their core and should go to jail along with the two creeps they so adamantly defend!!!

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