Disgusting People

There are many disgusting people in this world but today I would like to mention just a few of the MOST disgusting people I can think of on this cold Spring morning.

Sean Hannity:  This moron has to be one of the most vile people on the face of the earth. This uneducated jerk unfortunately has a media gig on the Republican propaganda network that goes by Fox News.  Lately he has taken up the cause of that lunatic rancher in Nevada who refuses to admit the existence of the Federal government.  Hannity is a hate monger and a racist and is a poor excuse for a human being.

John McCain:  McCain announced the other day that he is thinking of running for another Senate term notwithstanding his advanced age.  This lunatic is mentally deranged and I hope he does run so he can taste the sting of being defeated.  Indeed, McCain should be nominated for the Nobel War Prize since there seems to be no instance in which this despicable man does not want to commit American troops.  If there is a hell McCain seems destined to occupy one of the hottest circles.

Matt Drudge: I must admit that I log on to Drudge on a daily basis to see what the enemy is spouting.  If there ever was a more horrendous creep than Matt Drudge I can’t think of one off-hand.  He is super racist and his hatred of President Obama is over the top.  He is in my opinion a leader of the conservative no-nothings who seeks to ferment revolution against the government.  I


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