Do you have a gun?

My son just returned from a trip to Australia and among the stories he related was the seemingly constant question he received from the Aussies – do you have a gun?  That’s what it has come to for citizens of the USA.  The constant gun violence in our society has not gone unnoticed in the world.  They think of us as a lawless land that tolerates virtually anyone owning a gun and those fire arms used to kill and maim.  Remember Sandy Hook and the immediate reaction that something serious would have to be done about the gun culture in this country?  Well as I predicted nothing has been done.  Since Sandy Hook there have been numerous other school shootings almost on a weekly basis.  Let’s face it folks the NRA rules the Congress with their money. This extremist organization even opposed background checks that would weed out the most mentally disturbed from buying a gun. To be sure, I’m on the other end of the extreme believing that the second amendment is dangerous and should be repealed. There is no reason I can think of for a law-abiding citizen to own a gun.  The protection argument is bogus and the result of paranoid minds.  Anyway, the world sees us as barbarians and in large part they are right.

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