Does the Fat Slob take responsibilty for anything?

Chris Christie doesn’t seem to be responsible for anything.  The Fat Slob Governor of New Jersey claims he didn’t know anything about the closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge.  He claims he was let down by his staff members and that he was completely innocent of any involvement.  Now it comes to light that the so-called “New Jersey economic miracle” is a total fraud.  The great economic record that the Fat Slob claims he orchestrated is nothing of the sort.  He spent part of yesterday blaming “economists” for the poor estimates of revenue and that he is totally blameless.  Seems the Fat Slob isn’t responsible for anything that happens on his watch.  Of course regular readers of this thread know that I have claimed all along that the economy of New Jersey under Christie is a disaster and only getting worse.  That’s why the credit rating agencies have downgraded the states bond rating.  However, the Fat Slob still seems to be harboring presidential ambitions.  His capacity for self delusion seems unlimited.

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