Don’t Write Off Trump

I know the news for Trump has been awful and as usual all of his own making.  A couple of recent national polls has him losing to the African Queen by significant if not overwhelming margins. Republican leaders stay clear of their probable nominee.  No Republican of note will be speaking at Trump's Coronation.  Indeed, I wonder if Donald plans to enter the convention hall on a fake gold throne being carried by black men.  Anyway,polls show nearly 70% of Americans can't stand the putz so you would think he is toast.  Maybe not

First what happened in England can happen hear.  Thinking Hillary is a sure bet those who dislike Trump will still vote for him as a form of protest.  Voters did that in England and look at the results.  But perhaps the biggest wake up I recently received was while driving my grandkids to their summer camp the homes along the way displayed many Trump yard signs.  No other candidate was represented.  There is a core vote that will come out for Trump.  Probably not enough to offset the edge of the African Queen in the black and Latino vote but it will be significant.  This election will be a lot closer than anyone thinks right now.  The hatred of Hillary Clinton by so many people will make this a very unpredictable November.

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