Douche Of The Year

Time Magazine has named the protester as their man of the year so it's time for Barrow Bits to name its Douche of the year.  For 2011 the Douche of the year award goes to House Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Indeed, while there were other contenders the race wasn't even close. Eric Cantor is a rat faced piece of human waste.  He is a cold hearted ideologue that deserves to burn in the ninth circle of hell for all the havoc he has bestowed on the nation's political atmosphere.  He doesn't give a damn about the vast majority of Americans.  As of this writing he has rallied the forces of evil, better known as the Tea Party to block a bi-partisan agreement that was forged in the Senate to extend unemployment insurance and keep the payroll tax cut in place.  In true rat like fashion he is likely plotting to become House Speaker and if I were John Boehner I wouldn't be turning my back too often when Cantor is around. If there is any justice in the world Douche of the year Cantor will be defeated when he seeks reelection next year.  One could only hope. 

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