Ebenezer Romney

To tell the truth I am not surprised that Willard Romney is not concerned about the very poor.  I often find that those with two loaves of bread under each arm don't give a crap about the plight of those who go without.  Particularly for the children.  Of course, Romney also enjoys firing people and drives to Canada with the family pooch tied to the roof of his dork mobile.  This is truly a horrible man. When I heard of his "poor" comment yesterday I immediately thought of the scene from Dickens' Christmas Carol where Ebenezer Scrooge is approached by men seeking aid for the poor.  Of course Scrooge refuses to give citing the " social safety net" of the times like the work houses.  At any time in the health care debate I fully expect Romney to declare that the sick should die so health costs can be reduced.  Accordingly, from this point on when I refer to Romney he shall be called Ebenezer.  What a creep!!

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