Ebola Madness

Yesterday it was revealed that the first case of Ebola was diagnosed in Dallas.  The person with the deadly virus is from Liberia and is visiting relatives here in the states.  Now forgive me if I sound a little panicked over the situation but since there is really no cure or vaccine for this plague and more often than not its deadly I am very concerned that it has arrived on our shores.  Listenlng yesterday to that stooge from the Center for Disease Control give a press conference and assure everyone that this will be contained gave me no comfort at all.  This comes after President Obama had declared that Ebola would never get here, Also comes from the same government that can’t even safeguard the White House!!!  The only thing that would reassure me right now would be a quarantine of all travelers coming from West Africa.  If they come here they should be put in isolation for at least 30 days even if they show no symptoms.  Better yet I would bar entry into the country from anyone coming from West Africa.  Of course that would not be “politically correct” so it won’t happen.  The powers that be in this country would rather risk the lives of thousands than be thought of as racist.

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