Ebola Madness

The Ebola virus is front and center in the news these days.  The disease is most prevalent in West Africa where several hundred people have contracted it and most of them have died.  The virus has a mortality rate of more than 70%.  There is no known cure.  Recently two Americans who were working in Africa contracted Ebola and both of them are being transferred to Emory Medical Center in Atlanta.  Really folks can you think of anything more stupid than bringing patients into the country that have a contagious disease for which there is no cure? Any expert in epidemiology would tell you that these people must be isolated.  Yet they are coming to the USA and I’ll tell you why.  They are coming here so the big pharmaceutical companies can experiment on them.  Big Pharma sees big bucks in finding a vaccine for Ebola or drugs that can mitigate the symptoms.  I reckon it’s too dangerous for these folks to go to Liberia so courtesy of the US Government they are now or will be in Georgia.  The CDC says all will be well since the folks with Ebola will be flown here in a special plane and put in isolation when at Emory.  This is the same CDC that was storing small pox virus in a box in a basement of a building and apparently didn’t even know it!! The CDC as usual is in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry which is not interested in public safety just money!!!  Yesterday Mount Sinai hospital in NYC reported they may have an Ebola case in a person that just returned from West Africa.  Wonderful. The virus may now be in NYC. Instead of bringing people to the country that already have the disease we should be banning entry of any person from West Africa.  Once again our fearless leader fund-raiser in chief doesn’t give a damn about the little people.  In fact, he is hosting a conference of African leaders in Washington this week!!!  The world has truly gone mad.

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