Eboling the Night Away

Apparently being a doctor does not make anyone smart or responsible.  Craig Spencer is a doctor who after returning to NYC from West Africa where he was treating Ebola patients defied the rules of staying put for 21 days and saw fit to gallivant around town including a trip to a bowling alley only hours before he “displayed symptoms” of the deadly disease.  He admitted to feeling “sluggish” on Tuesday but since he didn’t have a fever he felt well enough to ride the subways in New York and go to restaurant.  In my opinion this doctor displayed completely irresponsible behavior.  I’m glad he was so concerned about the folks in West Africa to go there but apparently didn’t give a damn about his fellow New Yorkers.  The only way to stop this irresponsible behavior (remember the nurse who had Ebola getting on an airplane) is to hold these people criminally responsible for their actions.  This Craig Spencer creep is responsible for feeding public fear not to mention the public money being spent to treat him.  If he recovers he should be brought up on charges of endangering public health.  If these do-gooders want to go to Africa fine let them, but the rest of us shouldn’t be put at risk!!!

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