EEE – Conference Call Impressions

For more than three painful years I have listened to EEE conference calls and after each one I felt crestfallen and confused.  However, today's conference call proved a pleasant surprise.  First off, Tom Stoner seems very much in charge and in control.  He handled questions well.   He knows that he has to execute to succeed. That means revenue producing contracts for K-fuel and C-Lock.  On the financial side it was announced that a $25 million financing had been negotiated, primarily from  current shareholders.  Some people with big bucks are willing to spotsome money until revenues develop.  Of course, this is not to say that history won't repeat itself and there will be no positive follow-through.  However, since I have always based stock selection heavily on the quality of management the confident and focused presentation of  Tom Stoner today gives me cause for renewed optimism that EEE just may work out after all.  The call can be heard on the company's web site.

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