EEE Update

I have been very quiet about the worst stock of my life recently even as it descends toward new lows virtually every day.   I guess I have relegated myself to the state of hopeless despair believing that nothing good will ever come out of this ill-conceived investment.  However, I can't resist commenting on the announcement of yet another key management appointment last week.  Since, I own this stock I have lost count of how many changes in management and the board of directors has been announced.  EEE is a corporate revolving door for management all of which have one thing in common – the ability to make things worse. To be sure, he current management, much like President Obama, inherited a mess.  The refusal of past regimes to recognize that K-fuel was not the magic bullet verges on delusional and perhaps one day those responsible will have to answer some questions.  So much money and shareholder value was poured into a venture with no known success or commercialization potential.  From what I can detect current management seems to be reshaping EEE in the C-lock image, and is on the verge of dumping K-fuel.  If that is the case, then perhaps there is some hope.  

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