Emperor Bloomberg

Long time readers of this thread are aware of my total disdain for the current mayor of NYC.  Indeed, Michael "Douche" Bloomberg fancies himself as an emperor not a mayor.  Who else but an emperor would have the nerve to seek and buy a third time as "mayor" after the people had willed in an election that the office would have a two term limit.  Who cares what the rabble voted for?  The rabble was not aware how much the City needed him.  He is Lord over his domain.  Bloomberg has been on a health crusade for years telling other people how to eat.  He want people to exercise hence the building of a network of bike lanes in NYC that in reality are a health menace for those of us trying to cross many a street. But perhaps the most fanatical attitude extends to smoking.  You can hardly find a public spot in the City where you can light up.  Bloomberg has raised the cigarette tax so high in the City that a pack of smokes cost $13.00 or more. 

For the most part I agree with banning smoking in public places that are confined.  I don't agree with the Douche edict that you can't smoke in parks or on beaches.  But now the Douche has totally lost it by proposing that people shouldn't be allowed to smoke in their own homes.  He is pressing for a law that would allow landlords to declare a building "no smoking".  Now if people want to kill themselves by smoking in their own homes they should be allowed to do so without the Emperor telling them they can't. What a DOUCHE!!!!

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