Empty Chairs and Empty Suits

I was so stunned by the RNC events of Thursday night that I could not even blog yesterday.  There it was right before my eyes -the disintegration of a once proud party.  It was a convention built on lies and distortions and of late blatant racism. Moreover, the spectacle of so many politicians auditioning for 2016 was hysterical.  They all know Mitt-Witt will lose and they are already lining up.  Paul Ryan is a despicable excuse for a human being.  Phony as the day is long folks and really not that bright.  Been a great ass kisser all his career and I reckon that has worked for him.  But any intelligent economist can pull apart his so called budget as a sham that would lead to economic disaster. 

Of course the 2012 RNC will forever be known not for the speeches of the two stiffs on the tickets or a platform that would take us back to the dark ages, but for the bizarre antics of a half demented Hollywood star.  The Clint Eastwood routine of talking to an empty chair will live in infamy as the biggest blunder of modern campaign history.  What kills me is the Romney team is supposedly so well oiled and precise just like the candidate, so the fact that they screwed up big time is very revealing. Would you trust this group running the country?? Indeed, I have long held that Romney is an empty suit and now he has a matching chair.

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