Enough Already!!

This morning's post is all about "enough already".  For instance:

  1. Enough of all this crap about how wonderful Obama is and how he will save the country.  I voted for him and I have high expectations about his abilities, but he is not the savior of mankind.  I wish the media would stop treating him like some sort of a deity.
  2. Enough already with all these bailouts.  I wouldn't give the auto makers one red cent of taxpayer money unless the selfish unions give back much of what they took over the many years of holding the auto makers hostage. Moreover, all the US auto makers have been poorly managed so why bail them out?

  3. Enough of Sarah Palin and Fox News.  They are both now irrelevant.  If I have to surf channels and see that Alaskan moron one more time I think I will scream! 

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