Enter the Douche???

It has been awhile since I wrote about one of my least favorite people in the world -Michael Bloomberg otherwise known as The Douche!!! Seems his royal highness is so dissatisfied with the current crop of presidential aspirants that he is thinking of launching a third party run for the White House.

Really folks the ego of this little twerp is just off the charts.  Sure all we need running for the country's highest office is another billionaire asshole who thinks his shit doesn't stink. The Douche really thinks the nation is eager to have someone who ruined NYC enter the White House.  This is the man who was so hungry for power and attention he had the will of the voters over truned by bribing the city council to change the term limits law so he could run for a third term.  

This is the man who was hell bent in turning NYC into the bicycle capital of the world and embarked on a program of tearing up streets to put in bike lanes which now pose a mortal danger to both motorists and pedestrians.  This is the major who pushed through zoning changes to help his rich real estate friend build ugly glass towers ruining the appeal of so many historic NYC neighbors including my beloved West Village.

Does Bloomberg really think the nation is ready to embrace the leading advocate of gun control and gay rights?  That will play really well in the South!!  And while Bernie is Jewish by birth is does not wear it on his sleeve like Bloomberg who is one of the leading cheerleaders for Zionist aggression. 

So go ahead Douche explore your run for president.  Your ego needs some stoking and I guess those elevator shoes just don't hack it anymore!!!




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