Eric Cantor – Good Riddance

Very few things put a smile on my face lately but when I woke up this morning and checked my iPhone I was just elated!  The message that the rat faced Eric Cantor was defeated in a primary election last night was the best political news I have heard in a long time.  Regular readers of this blog kn ow of my utter disdain for Cantor and how I viewed him as one of the most disgusting people in Washington.  Apparently the voters in his district felt the same way since he didn’t merely lose but got walloped!!  To be sure, the pundits are giving credit to the Tea Party for Cantor’s stunning loss but I think differently.  I just believe people finally caught on to this fraud who was aiming to become Speaker of the House.  He is a duplicitous creep who got what he deserved.  Happy Day!!!

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