European Adventure

Just returned from a trip to Europe which took me and my family to London, Venice, and Rome.  I had last visited London seventeen years ago when I thought the city was lovely.  My impressions this time around were different.  Traffic congestion and a sea of buses were my most notable observations, along with prices that were out of sight.  The British tour guides we had were rather obnoxious forgetting at times who was paying for the right to hear their mostly boring speeches.  Unless some urgent reason takes me back to London I will not return.  Venice proved to be all that it was expected to be.  Pure magic.  I urge all to try and visit the city. Wonderful weather and no cars so the air was great.  Stayed in a magnificent five star hotel that was recommended to me by my favorite niece.  It was a delight.  From Venice took the train to Rome and checked into a hotel that was recommended by an associate of my son.  Turned out to be a flea bag joint that left me in a state of depression that was so deep I considered burning myself in Vatican Square.  Anyway, managed to survive the joint and it allowed us to take a wonderful "cooking" tour to the country side about 40 miles north of Rome where I lived out one of my dreams of cooking in a fabulous Italian kitchen with experienced chefs.  It was paradise.  As for Rome it was the same as it was 40 years ago when I last visited.  Traffic was horrid and it was a challenge to cross a street.  However, the gelato was out of sight and for the most part the Italian people were wonderful. I guess I am prejudiced because of my heritage but the Italians are warm and hospital.  Coming home from Rome via a connection in London I realized that at my age flying coach across the pond is not something I would do again, but when all is said and done it was a memorable time and I'm glad I took the trip.

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