Evergreen does it again

Readers know of my lamenting the purchase and holding of Evergreen Energy, but this disgraceful excuse for a public company surpassed all expectations with their recent PR that according to my Yahoo news ticker hit the tape at 3:15 AM in the morning on Monday!!! Can you imagine?  What kind of company does anything like that?  Perhaps some pink sheet number which is very likely a status that EEE management aspires to.  Anyway the PR concerned the "sale" of Buckeye Mining (still not definite though and with EEE you never know) at a price that judging from the market reaction was not a very good one.  And, oh by the way, they are now not spinning off K-fool with the Chinese.  Of course that intention was announced in January, and now it's off.  Think the Chinese did some more due dilly on K-fool?  With the sale of Buckeye shareholders seem to now own a company with no revenue stream at all.

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