Evergreen Energy

Earlier in the week I mentioned Evergreen Energy as a potentially interesting speculation. I noted heavy insider buying which is usually a great bullish signal.  When I posted my earlier comment on the company the stock was priced at about $0.35.  Yesterday it closed at $0.67 on huge volume.  Aside from the insider buying I would also comment that Evergreen has some significant associations and potential partners that are very impressive.  If you can tell lots about a person with the company they keep, the same can be said about corporations.  For EEE they currently have relationships with world-class names like IBM, Sumitomo, and Bechtel.  This weekend Evergreen will be presenting at a huge energy conference and it will be interesting to see what develops from that.  I will remind readers again that I own the stock so perhaps my view is biased, but I do believe there is lots more upside potential for this stock.  Do your own research and evaluate for yourself.  Good luck!!!

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