Evergreen Energy – The more things change the more they stay the same

Well the charlatans at Evergreen Energy (EEE) are at it again.  To be sure, the stock has been a strong performer so far in 2011 but as usual there is really no fundamental reason for the strength.  Oh yeah, I still hold the paper of this shit stock as I was intending to use it to paper my bathroom walls.  Anyway, the guy now in charge of the scam is IIyas Khan who has the illustrious title of Executive Chairman of the Board.  Gee, what ever happened to that douche bag Thomas Stoner since he is now never mentioned in any corporate communication?  Maybe I was right in viewing him as an incompetent jerk?  Anyway yesterday EEE came out with a series of announcements among which was the formation of  a joint venture with an Australian outfit to develop K-fuel.  Sound familiar folks.  How many times has this scam company announced partners to develop K-fuel – which by most objective analysis is a useless technology that hasn't made an progress in almost two decades?  The more things change at EEE the more they stay the same. 

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