Evergreens biggest scam

To be sure the scam known as Evergreen Energy is going to crash and burn in the near future with the stock on a post reverse basis headed below a buck again.  However, Stoner and company are laughing all the way to the bank as they take their big salaries.  The biggest part of the EEE scam is K-Fuel which has been under development for more than 10 years and has yet to prove that it's viable in any way.  The Chinese supposedly are interested in it now but you wanna bet that it will never happen in China.  K-Fuel is the basis of the EEE scam and those that think this shit product as any chance of being commericially viable must be smoking really strong stuff.  But like I said yesterday I have a feeling that before too long Stoner and his fellow fraudsters will be brought to justice.

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