Fat Slob Slim Down

Could it be that I won’t have Chris Christie’s weight to kick around anymore?  Will he no longer merit the tag “Fat Slob”?  Well it seems that the Governor of New Jersey is slimming down quite nicely owing to the benefits of lap band surgery about a year ago.  I often wonder about this type of surgery.  Have these folks who have done lap band tried dieting or exercise?  Are they so undisciplined that they can’t face the rigors of a diet?  Indeed, perhaps my new moniker for Christie should be the “Undisciplined One”.  He certainly didn’t seem to have the management discipline that was necessary for running a large state economy or directing his staff to act prudently? New Jersey is a mess fiscally, something I have been saying for more than three years all while the national media was swooning over Christie’s New Jersey Economic miracle. It was all a mirage.  The man is so undisciplined that we are to believe he knew nothing of the plans of his top staff to initiate political retribution. It seems besides being an obnoxious bully Chris Christie is an incompetent governor who should not ever been reelected on his economic record.  Instead, the folks of New Jersey fell for his routine and the media over-sold it.  Still it seems after all the recent bad news Christie is still harboring Presidential ambitions. Besides being undisciplined and incompetent it seems he is also delusional.  Gee what a neat bunch of mental problems.

And just an aside folks what have those great Democrats in New Jersey done to get some people talking.  The great bi-partisan New Jersey “deal”  seems to be in full play.  Christie should have been toast by now but he’s still doing his thing?  Interesting.

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