Fat Slob Update

The Fat Slob has been particularly obnoxious the past few weeks contributing further to the image that New Jersey is a boorish and backward state.  He thinks telling people off in Iowa is real neat.  He does it "Jersey Style".  Anyway the legislature in Jersey want to bring forth a bill legalizing gay marriage.  The Fat Slob is caught between a rock and a hard place on this one.  Both NJ and Conn. permits gays to marry and the pressure is on the garden state.  Polls suggest the public is in favor.  But the Fat Slob must cater to his delusions of living long enough and running for president in 2016 in a  primary that is influenced by the nuts on the extreme right.  Accordingly, in an act of real political courage the Fat Slob says he wants to put the issue to public referendum.  Gee what a surprise that the big bully has no convictions at all.  What a Fat Phony.

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