Fixing Healthcare

Only the most demented right win nut job would deny that the nation's healthcare system needs fixing.  Costs are skyrocketing out of control. Millions are uninsured.  If something isn't done soon – and I mean soon – medical costs will choke the U.S. economy into stagflation.  President Obama has it right.  He is a visionary in many ways.  He's not a perfect visionary but he is trying to address a very serious issue.  To be sure, it's an emotional issue.  Remember the death panels?  The loud mouth no-nothings on the far right have scared people by totally misrepresenting proposed reforms.  I could discuss healthcare on many levels, however since I try mostly to write about financial and business matters I want to talk about what a burden the current healthcare cost structure is to American business.  Traditionally, the vast majority of people get their health insurance through their employer.  This is a huge burden for American businesses and  companies are finding it hard to absorb rising premium costs, which crimps profits and perhaps makes it hard for employees to get a raise.  I think it's ridiculous that business should bear the brunt of healthcare in the U.S. when all other industrialized countries(our competitors) don't have to deal with this hit to the income statement.  I could put an end to the healthcare debate real quick by advocating a universal single payer government run system now. Let's get America ccompanies back to being competitive in a global economy.

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