Florida Fools

Really what can you say about Florida?  Sure the weather in the winter is surely superior to what we have up north. Lots of folks are attracted to the tax laws in Florida where there is no state income tax and lots of tax breaks for big business.  However, others may think that Florida is a place where  tons of old people go to die and get into numerous traffic accidents because they should not be behind the wheel of a car.  Still others of us – myself included –  think Florida is a terrible place to be a black male teen since it seems white folks can kill you and get away with murder.  Indeed, I have written often of that fat sociopath George Zimmerman who got away with the murder of Trayvon Martin.  More recently we have the case of this lunatic who blew away a black kid in a car because his “thug” music was too loud.  In the case of Zimmerman a jury acquitted him of all charges and in the case of Michael Dunn the jury was hung up on whether what he did constituted first degree murder. Give me a break!!! Of course Florida has that wonderful “stand your ground” law which basically has evolved into killing a black kid and getting away with it.  There’s lots more that I can say about the Sunshine State but for now I’ll just say I would rather shovel snow than live there among fools who allow people to get away with murder.

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