Fordham Basketball

I haven’t posted for some time mainly because events in the country and the world are just too depressing to comment upon.  So in that vein I will write my first post of the year on Fordham University Basketball.

Now let me be clear.  I love Fordham.  As a kid riding on the Number 12 bus on the way to Alexander’s on Fordham Road with my Mom I would look at the window at the beautiful campus and stately buildings and dream about going there one day.  My dream came true and in 1963 I entered Fordham and I spent four of the best years of my life there.  The Jesuits were amazing teachers and it’s at Fordham where I really learned how to think.  While there I really enjoyed going to the basketball games.

While we never really had a great team the Rams were always competitive and very often the ancient Rose Hill Gym was packed to capacity with roaring crowds that make it hard for visiting teams to even think let alone win.  Great atmosphere.  After graduating I still followed the team and was thrilled during the Digger Phelps era in the early 1970’s when my beloved Rams were actually nationally ranked and played at Madison Square Garden in front of 20,000 fans.  Unfortunately that high did not last very long.  Digger left for bigger things and since then it seems the entire program has gone down hill.

I could enumerate the myriad problems but most readers probably would not care.  Suffice to say Fordham is a Jesuit school with some very stubborn men at the helm who refuse to admit that trying to attract players to a school that plays its home games in a 90 year old gym that seats 2800 people is just ridiculous.  Fordham has tons of alumni in the NY area and if they had a good facility and good team they would pack a 10,000 seat arena.

To make matters worse Fordham now plays in the A10 conference which has emerged as one of the strongest in the nation.  The Rams just don’t stand a chance in this league particularly with their current coach Tom Percora who is probably the most incompetent in a long line of coaching failures.  The man couldn’t even coach my grandson’s elementary school team successfully.  Alas, I love college basketball and I’m fortunate that my son went to Providence College a much smaller school than Fordham but one that seems to put competitive teams on the court every year and I love watching them compete.  As for Fordham I keep lighting candles to St. Jude to help them but I think the program will need more than that.  What a pity.

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