Fox Fools

Regular readers of this blog are aware of the position I have held toward Fox Business Channel, which I believe is a jinx on the stock market.  Ever since Fox Business Channel and their stable of long-haired bimbos who pretend to know about the business world debuted last October the stock market went into a bear cycle.  Perhaps if FBC went off the air (please God let it be) the market would act better.  However, as bad as FBC is Fox News is far worse with its right wing bias and cheer leading for the Republicans, particularly that pillar of motherhood and executive experience Sarah Palin. I particularly relish the times that Dick Morris (probably the most repulsive political pundit on the planet) pontificates about the upcoming election.  The man is always wrong and should go back to sucking the toes of prostitutes.  I hope the News Corp. stock soon reflects the feelings of me and many of my friends toward FOX and sells off big time. 

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