Gas Prices

Well it's that time again when people start complaining about the high price of gas.  Indeed, the most recent political polls suggest that the rising price of gas at the pump is causing President Obama's popularity to plummet. Then we have Newt Gingrich touting that if he is president gas will be $2.50.  What rubbish.  Rising gas prices are not Obama's fault although he has contributed to the problem by not pushing a strong energy policy.  I'm old enough to remember waiting in gas lines in the 1970's and hearing politicians say that they were going to implement an energy policy that would provide Americans with a hedge against the price of importing foreign oil.  To be sure, the recent spike in gasoline prices stems from rising tensions in the middle east emanating from the threat of Iran to block key shipping lanes.  Iran is objecting to world opinion that threatens economic sanctions because of their nuclear program and the insistence on the part of Israel to conduct military operations against the Iranians.  But you know folks the major reason for the problem lies with the American public who insist on driving these monstrous SUV's that guzzle gas. Also with a public that doesn't insist that politicians pursue policies that aggressively push for the use of alternative fuels.  

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