Get rid of Medicare

Had the occasion yesterday to take my son to the doctor and while there I could not help but notice the abundance of old people in the waiting room.  They were all waiting to see a doctor and have Medicare pay for it.  Some of the geezers were very perturbed over their medications and were clamoring to see the doctor just to see if their precious meds should be adjusted.  It dawned on me that probably the biggest problem faced by the nation is the cost of tending to all these old farts who seem to want to live forever. Meanwhile the country is going broke catering to their fear of dying.  Give me a break!!  What would these hypochondriacs do if there wasn't a government dole to fall back on?  Maybe they would learn to deal with their aches and pains?  Also I couldn't help but notice that all the old gals had their hair dyed!!  They can afford to dye their hair but not pay for their health care!! 

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